Canned Mackerel in natural oil

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Product Name:Canned mackerel in natural oil
Specification:N.W.:425G D.W. 240G,24tins/carton


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Product Name:Canned mackerel in natural oil
Specification:N.W.:425G D.W. 240G,24tins/carton
Ingredients:mackerel,vegetable oil,salt,water
Shelf life:3 years
Brand: “ Excellent” or OEM

Can Series

N.W. D.W. Tins/ctn Ctns/20FCL
125G 90G 50 3200
155G 90G 50 2000
170G 120G 48 1860
200G 130G 48 2000
1000G 650G 12 1440
1880G 1250G 6 1600

Sealed containers made of metal sheet, glass, plastic, cardboard or some combination of the above materials are used to store commercial food. After special treatment, it can be commercially sterile and can be kept for a long time at room temperature without spoilage. This type of packaged food is called canned food.


Can be canned drinks, including canned soda, coffee, juice, frozen milk tea, beer, etc. It can also be canned food, including lunch meat. The can opener is still used in the can opening part, or the technology of imitating the can can can can is adopted. Nowadays, most of the can opening methods are easy to open cans.


Canned food is a kind of food that can be preserved for a long time at room temperature by processing, blending, canning, sealing, sterilizing, cooling or aseptic filling. There are two key characteristics of canned food production: sealing and sterilization.

There is a rumor in the market that canned food is packaged in vacuum or added with preservatives to achieve long-term storage effect. In fact, canned food is first packaged in sealed packaging rather than vacuum, and then after strict sterilization process, commercial sterility can be achieved. In essence, it is impossible to use vacuum technology to prevent bacterial reproduction. Strictly speaking, preservatives are not needed.

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